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  • 50 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in India for 2020

    Starting your own business is everyone’s dream. However, most budding entrepreneurs see their dreams nipped in the bud due to paucity of funds for investment or profitable business ideas. Should you possess some special skills, you can definitely start your own small business with low investment. While some such small business ideas can be operated from your home, in other cases, you may need to lease small premises. Funding small business: Generally, small businesses begin with whatever little capital you may have. Loans on very soft terms are also offered by community organizations and cooperative credit societies. You may consider procuring a loan to fund your small business idea. Plan well for success: Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail. Therefore, plan your business well in advance before launch. Study the market for the product or service you plan to offer. Further, acquaint yourself well with your prospective competitors and their offerings. Talk to people you trust and seek advise if necessary. Additionally, build a database of your prospective customers before launch. 50 New & Best Small business ideas for 2020 Once you have completed the above homework, you are almost set to open your small business with low investment. Here are 50 new & creative small business ideas with low investment that we recommend to start in 2020. 1. Blogging I am a full time blogger. I started my blog in 2009. Initially it took 1 year to learn blogging but after a year, I started earning some good income with blogging. It was 2012, when I crossed $2000 from blogging. Today, I earn more than $20,000 per month with blogging. There are thousands of people in India, USA and all over the world, who make $500 to $25,000+ per month with blogging. It's an excellent opportunity for people who are looking for low investment business idea. You can start with as low as Rs 5000. You can read this post on how to start your own blog. There are number of best ways to make money from blog. You can read about these ways here. You can also watch this video that will guide you with step by step details to your own blog. 2. Drop shipping This is a very hot and new business idea in India. You can start your own e-commerce business but without any big investment and without stocking any product. The great thing about drop shipping is that you don't need to purchase any product, unless you get an order from a customer. Here are the steps you need in order to start a drop shipping business- Find a supplier like Ali Express, India Mart etc. and tie-up with them. Create an e commerce website and list what you want to sell from these supplier. Promote your website through Facebook and other online marketing channel. Receive orders. Place order with supplier and ask them to deliver the product to the customers address. Make profits. Your profit will be the margin between the supplier price and your selling price. You can sell as high as 3 timers the price of the supplier. You can read this excellent drop shipping guide to understand drop shipping. 3. Digital Marketing This is trending business in India right now and there are unlimited opportunities in digital marketing. You can start a digital marketing agency, you can do a freelance business, you can launch your own start-up, you can even promote different products through digital marketing and make money. But, you need to have excellent digital marketing skills before you start any business in digital marketing. You can learn digital marketing online or join a training center. It's very difficult to find good digital marketing training institutes in India. Most of the people, who provides training are not skilled themselves. Read this article on how to choose a digital marketing course. I have more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing and I provide free digital marketing training in Hindi in my YouTube channel. I have thousands of positive comments on my channel that proves about the quality of this channel. 2. Mobile phone repair/ accessories/ recharge India will have nearly 800 million smartphone users by the end of 2022. Further, this figure will grow exponentially as more brands and cheaper variants enter the market. Consequently, the demand for outlets and persons who offer repairs of mobile phones is expected to increase manifold. You can also sell accessories and credit recharge. 3. Meal service (Tiffin) One of the best small business idea for women. Nowadays, the demand for home and workplace delivery of meals has increased vastly. You can launch your small business with low investment right from your kitchen by preparing fresh, wholesome meals and supplying them to offices and homes. 4. Network marketing Network marketing, also known as Multi Level Marketing is an excellent small business. However, you need to tie-up with well reputed brands that offer great products. A search on the Internet will reveal some such major brands, whose products are always in demand. Thanks to rising medical inflation, people nowadays look for unconventional health and nutritional products and supplements as well as skincare and beauty products. You can grow your network marketing business by promoting its products in your friends circle. You can also promote it online by creating a website. 5. Babysitting/ Childcare This is a small business for women that can launch from home or small premises. Investment required for opening a babysitting and childcare service is very minimal. All you need to invest in are a few toys, cribs and mattresses. Add a few packets of disposable diapers, antiseptic lotions and a first aid box as well. Nowadays, babysitting and childcare facilities are in very high demand due to the rise in number of working couples. 6. Small Online Business Ideas There are various small business ideas that can be done online from home or office. You can start many of such ideas without investment. We have already covered such business ideas here. You can check which is best suitable for you from the list of 160 business ideas. 7. Mobile garage-(Small business for men) Everyone has seen cars, scooters and motorbikes breakdown in the middle of busy roads. The unfortunate owner of these vehicles usually faces a dilemma about where to get repairs. For such eventualities, you can offer a mobile garage. For this business with low investment, you will require a car, mobile phone and all the tools required to repair a stalled vehicle. All you need to do is, rush to the place where the vehicle is parked to perform repairs. 8. Aquariums & fish This is a small business idea you can enter with low investment and also from your home. For this trade, you need to buy a few aquariums of various sizes and different kinds of fish that are popular as pets. You can also breed fish by keeping special tanks. Additionally, selling air pumps, fish food and decorative stuff for aquariums will net you more profits. Aquariums are also popular as gift items. However, you need to be well versed in handling various species of fish. 9. Nursery & garden requirements Once again, this is a great small business idea with low investment. Due to increased awareness about environment, many people now maintain small plants and shrubs at their apartments and offices. You can open this business from your home. Additionally, you can sell packets of fertilizers, seeds and other garden requirements. 10. Jams, pickles & sauces As people become increasingly conscious about their health, the demand for healthier, non-commercial jams, pickles, sauces and ketchups is on the rise. Moreover, consumers nowadays are wary of consuming foodstuff that contains chemicals of any sort. Given this scenario, you can manufacture jams, pickles, sauces and ketchups with traditional recipes that are chemical free. 11. Stamps & Coins Surprisingly, this lucrative business is almost non-existent in India. Stamp and coin collectors look for the latest issues from around the world. A few simple steps are all you need to enter this low investment high returns small business. Register yourself with postal departments of various countries by paying them a small advance for buying the latest stamps. For coins, there are special government run bureaus abroad. They will send you the latest stamps and coins which are sold at a good premium to collectors. 12. Pet care Understandably, people love their pets. However, while travelling for holiday or business, they are unable to take their pets along. Hence, people look for services that will care for their pets while they are away. If you are well versed in handling pets, this is a great business you may consider. Again, this is a small business that requires low investment. 13. Fragrant candles- (Creative business idea) Let you creativity and sense of fragrances run wild. Making candles is fairly easy. Fragrant oils are readily available. With some training and experience, you can make fragrant candles of all shapes, sizes and colors. Nowadays, such candles are becoming increasingly popular for meditation and relaxation purposes. 14. Cakes & bakes Armed with a good oven, you can open a low investment business making cakes, muffins, cookies and other bakery items This small business has huge potential since consumers are always looking for new, better tastes at economical rates. You will however require great skills in preparing these baked delicacies. 15. Ice cubes Understandably, this is a complex business. Especially, since ice cubes sold in the market nowadays have to conform to specifications prescribed by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). However, with proper equipment, clean water and proper packaging, you can enter this lucrative market of selling ice cubes in bulk to restaurants and bars and retail to consumers. You will require FSSAI certification for your ice cubes. 16. Travel services Offering travel and related services can see you make instant profits. Tie-up with long distance bus services, offer online reservation of rail tickets and reserve hotels at various destinations for clients. You can also add local sight-seeing and other requirements for your customers. You can either collaborate with a major travel agent or enter into deals with service providers and get commissions for every reservation you make. 17. Small business idea to start an Ethnic food store Should you be well acquainted with the palates of various communities of India, you can open a small ethnic food store with low investment. All you need to do is procure products that have a long shelf life, from suppliers located in those particular regions and sell them to your target communities. 18. Medical sample collection This is yet another rapidly growing, low investment small business idea in India. It simply means you collect blood, stool, urine and sputum samples from patients, from their homes. These samples are for delivery to pathological labs that will test them and issue medical reports. The reports have to be home delivered to the customer. You will require a vehicle, equipment to store the bio-hazardous material and skills in extracting blood samples. You will need agreements with pathological labs before entering into this business. 19. Antique furniture restoration Nobody wants to part with antique furniture. Simply because they have sentimental values attached. Restoring or repairing damaged antique furniture is one business you can look at, if you have a sense of aesthetics and the required skills. You can also hire craftsmen to do the restoration at the premises of your customer. Restoring antique furniture is very intricate and you will require excellent workers. 20. CCTV & surveillance Increasingly, people are becoming security conscious. They want to protect their families and themselves against theft, rape and other crime. Consequently, more and more people are installing CCTV and surveillance cameras at their homes and offices. This is a low investment and high returns small business idea. 21. Party services People hold parties for various reasons. They are held round the year to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. With this low investment business, you can offer various services. These include decoration of the venue, conducting games, mascot appearance, buying and packing return gifts, among others. 22. Address verification service Banks, credit card issuers and mobile phone companies often require physical verification of addresses provided by customers. They do so to prevent frauds and defaults. This is a low investment business that is again in demand nowadays. However, you will require a vehicle and might require manpower to visit the customer addresses provided by bank and other service providers. 23. Business idea to make Religious items India has a huge market for items required by followers of various faiths. These include pictures of deities, incense sticks, cotton wicks for lamps, candles, prayer beads and other minor paraphernalia. Making these at home or at a small premise requires low investment. There is no dearth of customers for such stuff. 24. Postal labeling and sorting India Post requires all bulk mail to be labeled with addresses and sorted according to the Postal Index Number (PIN) code. Banks, companies listed on the stock market, bulk mailers look for small businesses that can provide this service. Especially, since they do not need to employ staff for the purpose. You will require a vehicle and some manpower to enter this low investment small business. 25. Walking tours For those who reside in cities and towns with several tourist attractions, walking tours is a great low investment business. Foreigners and domestic visitors want to get a first hand feel of the city by walking on the streets, mingling with locals and experiencing sights and sounds of the place. You will have to hire buses to take your tourists to a particular area where they will walk and visit attractions. 26. Imported products Indians returning home after a foreign tour tend to buy stuff they can sell locally. They do so to defray costs of their foreign trip Products they sell include fragrances, cosmetics, cigarettes, liquor, chocolates, food items and T-shirts among others. The craze for foreign goods in India ensures you have a good market for your wares. 27. Soya products Nowadays, an increasing number of people are going vegan. Soya products such as soya milk, tofu (soya curds), soya flour and soya chunks are provide a great alternative to meat. Manufacturing Soya products is fairly easy, provided you have the required equipment. It is also a low investment small business. You can get a small loan to start this micro industry. 28. Unique ice creams Some years ago, people would have balked at the idea of ice cream made with tomato or capsicum. However, such unique ice creams are trending nowadays. Unfortunately, manufacturers of such rare ice creams are few despite the huge market. If you are daring enough, enter this low investment business of unique ice creams. 29. Used laptops Considered a luxury some years ago, laptops are ubiquitous now. Shopping trends indicate, people sell their used laptops and buy those with the latest features and higher configuration. Despite, there exists a huge market for used laptops. Buying, refurbishing and selling such used laptop is a low investment, high returns business you can consider. 30. Signboards Generally, there are two types of signboards used by businesses and shops: Painted and Neon. Every small business and commercial establishment requires signboards. The demand is for creative yet low cost signboards that aptly advertises the business. Making and supplying signboards of all types, according to specifications of the business owner, is a business in demand round the year. 31. Manpower supply Every business requires more manpower almost on daily basis. This is especially true with restaurants where staff attrition rates are rather high. Waiters and cooks leave at short notice or merely abandon work. This puts the business owner to great inconvenience. Occasionally, households also require manpower for cleaning the home. With some ingenuity and low investment, you can help restaurants overcome their manpower problems and earn a handsome income almost daily. 32. Stationery supply Schools, colleges and other educational institutions as well as businesses require bulk stationery. These includes customized letterheads, business cards, envelopes, invoice books, receipt books and motley others. With little investment and some contacts, you can enter into this evergreen business. You will need agreements with printing presses and a few samples to enter this profitable venture. 33. Digitizing audio and video Millions of people across India possess audio and video tapes of their favorite music and movies, recordings of special occasions and other stuff. However, audio and video cassette players are now rare. Nowadays, DVDs and digital forms of music storage are popular. If you possess the older type record players, audio and video cassette players, you can enter into this business of digitizing old recordings. You will need to invest in equipment that allows you to copy audio and video in the older formats to the latest ones. 34. Gardening services Individuals and housing societies owning gardens generally are unable to attend to their favorite and sometimes expensive plants, trees and lawns. Therefore, they look for small businesses that can perform the required task. You will need to invest in some gardening equipment and hire manpower to enter into this small business, which is also round-the-year in demand. 35. Glamour photography Undoubtedly, every male and female wants to appear glamorous. Glamorous pictures are used for several purposes: To apply for jobs as models, actors and actresses, cabin crew with airlines or matrimony. For those with an eye for photography, taking glamorous pictures is a great business to open with small investment. You will have to buy a professional camera and related equipment. Taking pictures can be done at the residence of the customer or at public places. Alternatively, you can hire a studio by the hour, if needed. 36. Caregiver service Indisposed senior citizens and people in hospitals require caregivers. Especially, since their kin are busy at work or unable to attend to their needs. Caregiver services are fast gaining momentum in India. Understandably, you will require some manpower to provide such a service. Several unemployed women and men are interested in working as caregivers for businesses that offer the service. 37. Computerized horoscopes Understandably, this is one of the most common low investment businesses in India. All it requires is a computer with the required software, a printer and fancy paper to print the horoscope. However, in a land of superstitions, computerized horoscopes continue to remain in high demand. The reason is simple: People do not rely on results from only one computer. They want multiple horoscopes from different sources. 38. Corporate gifts India has a rich culture of corporate gifting. It continues round the year. Corporate gifts include pens, wallets, mugs and a wide range of stuff given to staff and business associates. Usually, these items are printed with the company’s name and logo. With adequate samples and contacts, you too can open this business with low investment. You will need a wide range of products and their samples to display to clients. 39. Packing services Small and medium businesses generally do not have a separate department for packing their products. They hire individuals- who can often be unreliable. Or, they outsource the job to small businesses who can pack their stuff with care while adhering to deadlines. To enter this business, you will require adequate packing material such as cartons, strapping machines and cutters and of course, manpower. 40. Homemade chocolates With some chocolate making skills and little investment, you can enter into this highly profitable small business idea. Homemade chocolates are sold by almost every major pastry shop and gift store. They are in high demand since their taste is much different from bulk manufactured varieties commonly available in the market. Several companies order homemade chocolates to send as gifts to their business associates. Such chocolates are in great demand during festive and wedding seasons too. 41. Name plates A common system worldwide is to affix one’s name plate outside the door of a house or apartment. Moreover, people also install large names outside buildings, villas and bungalows. They prefer artistically designed name plates or simple ones. Making these name plates is a low investment small business that anyone can begin with ease. The demand for these name plates is round-the-year and you can make decent profits from your venture. 42. Wedding gowns Earlier, wedding gowns were the mainstay of the Christian community. However, over the years, the concept of wedding gowns has become popular among people of other faiths too. Bollywood movies have also contributed immensely to popularizing the wedding gown. For men and women who are adept at fashion designing, making wedding gowns is a great, low investment and high returns small business idea. Additionally, you can also offer other fashion wear to ensure income round the year. 43. Chips and wafers Chips and wafers are consumed almost everywhere: cinema halls, schools, home, bars, in buses and on trains. The list is endless. Manufacturing chips and wafers with potato, raw banana, jackfruit, tapioca and other starchy roots is fairly easy. Equipment required is not expensive. However, you need to ensure proper supply of raw material and have good packaging. Generally, shops and bars order such chips and wafers in bulk. 44. Idli and dosa batter-(Best small business idea in India) The mainstay of south Indian communities, Idli and Dosa are now popular across India. However, not everyone can prepare the batter required for making these dishes. It requires a proper blend of rice and cereals. The batter has also to be fermented to the right degree to ensure it gives great tasting Idli and Dosa. Packaged Idli and Dosa batter is fast becoming popular, with most stores stocking several packets for their customers. Setting up a batter manufacturing unit from home or a small premise is fairly inexpensive. 45. Air conditioner maintenance Nowadays, air conditioners are an essential component of several households and most offices. Hence, there is an ever increasing demand for small businesses who can offer excellent maintenance of these expensive appliances. Trends nowadays indicate, people are willing to sign annual contracts for maintenance of their air conditioners. All you need is some basic equipment required to service air conditioners and skilled manpower who can perform the tasks. Acquiring skills in maintenance and repair of air conditioners- especially window and split types- is fairly easy. 46. Renting scooters and motorcycles Tourists, salesmen and small business owners look for hiring scooters and motorcycles while visiting a town or city. Renting such two-wheeler saves them precious time and offers the ease of commuting. With a small investment, you can open a scooter and motorcycle rental business. You need not rush into buying a fleet of vehicles. A couple of two wheelers will suffice to begin with. However, you will need to get proper licensing, insurance and permits before renting out these vehicles on short term basis. 47. Employee background checks With most places in India witnessing high migration of labor, several companies now resort to employee background checks. This means, they verify information provided by a jobseeker through an external agency. Checks include verification of work experience and educational qualifications. This is a rather simple and low investment business to open. You will need a database of companies who require employee background checks, computers and landline telephone to open this small business idea. 48. Handicrafts-(Creative small business idea in India) An excellent low investment small business anyone can start is buying and selling handicrafts. Generally, handicrafts are made in rural areas. However, glitzy showrooms charge exorbitant rates for the stuff, which they usually procure fairly cheap. You too can enter this huge market by buying handicrafts from different regions near you and selling them at reasonable rates. Once again, the market for handicrafts is always high because they are also given away as gifts or used for home and office décor. 49. Skin and beauty treatment-(Small business idea for men and women) Increasingly men are becoming beauty conscious. For men and women skilled in providing skin and beauty treatment, opening a small business offering the service is an excellent small investment option. You can design your own therapies for glowing skin, anti-aging and facelifts. This business can also be opened from home, provided you have ample space and privacy for clients. Offering herbal and natural therapies will help you stay ahead of competition. 50. Mushroom harvesting Mushrooms are considered a delicacy and fetch fairly high prices in the market. They are very nutritious as food. Hence, governments of various Indian states provide subsidies and facilities to people who can harvest mushrooms. This is a great low investment small business idea. You will need to set up a green-house with controlled temperature for getting the right crop. Mushroom spores are readily available from state-run cooperatives and agricultural shops. Bulk customers for mushrooms are easy to find. Extra: Broken glass Strange as it may sound, there exists a huge market for broken glass. Millions of glass bottles that cannot be recycled, as discarded daily in India. Shards of broken glass are used in building compound walls of bungalows. They deter robbers from scaling the compound wall to gain access to the bungalow. Glass shards also prevent reptiles like snakes from slithering over the compound wall. A word of caution: Dealing in broken glass can be hazardous and has to be done with extreme care. Extra: Apiary & honey Here is one great small business idea with low investment, provided you have a garden or open plot of land. Setting up an apiary to breed honeybees is inexpensive. You will also require some basic equipment to extract honey from honeycombs. Homemade honey fetches a great price. Royal Jelly, produced for the queen bee, commands a high price in the market from individuals and medical companies. Before investing Remember, having ample capital to invest in a small business of your choice is not enough. You also require the necessary skills to ensure its proper functioning. Before entering into any venture, it is advisable to know licensing procedures and other legalities concerned. It is better to legitimize your business since it can help you get loans and subsidies in future. It will also protect you against any lawsuits.

  • Start Your Own Online Grocery Store Business with this Guide

    The online grocery store business is booming in India, thanks largely to an ever-increasing number of people opting for the convenience of using their smartphones to purchase their groceries online. It is also one of the biggest success stories of India’s fast-growing e-commerce sector which is set to be valued more than $100 billion by 2020. The online grocery market in India operates on a highly-competitive platform with multiple players fighting it out for the $900 million pie. Yet as per a report by consulting firm Praxis Global Alliance, this market is expected to grow at 70% CAGR to reach $7.5 billion by 2022. It’s a growth trend driven mainly by large, pan-India corporate players with deep pockets which include the likes of Big Bazaar, Grofers and more recently Amazon. Having said that, this online business also offers many opportunities for smaller, individual players who wish to set up their own grocery store online to cater to a more localised customer base. So how does an individual go about setting up his/her online grocery store business in India? Well in response to this question we have listed below a complete set of guidelines and handy tips that will be useful to you if you wish to become a part of this booming industry. How To Start Online Grocery Business in India? 1. Identify a target location/audience This is the first thing you need to do to start a supermarket business. Fruits, vegetables, milk, pulses and other grocery staples being highly perishable items have a limited shelf life and a small delivery radius – if they are to be delivered fresh. Hence you need to plan your delivery periphery accordingly, to ensure that the items ordered by your customers can be delivered quickly while maintaining the highest quality standards. Identifying the eating habits and buying patterns of the people who stay in this zone is also equally important. It will enable you to identify which items sell faster and spot emerging trends well in advance thereby allowing you to stock fast-moving items in advance and minimising the chance of wastage. 2. Get your backend in place Now that you have your location and potential customers mapped out you may need a warehouse to store the products/produce which you will be selling online. Opt for a space located within your territory or as close as possible – to ensure prompt delivery of items to waiting customers. Alternately you can identify, initiate a tie-up or partnership arrangement with reliable suppliers and wholesalers. They can keep you well supplied with the products and items you need on a regular basis. Since you will be buying most of the items in bulk and on a regular basis, you can easily negotiate the rates and ask for a volume discount. 3. Register your Business This is a crucial step in the whole process of setting up your own online grocery store. If you’re an individual, you can register your company as a proprietary concern, or opt for a partnership registration in case you have partners. You can take the help of any recognised tax consultant or chartered accountant to help you complete the registration and relevant GST formalities. Once your registration formalities are complete, you can then open a business account at any bank of your choice. Refer:- 160 Business Ideas and How to start a business 4. Set up a Delivery System The success of an online grocery business relies heavily on how fast you can deliver the items to your customer’s home/office. This makes setting up an efficient delivery system a critical factor in the entire start-up process. In India most customers prefer the same day delivery – more so in the case of food and grocery items – and any untoward delay in this particular segment is usually frowned upon. However many times this is not possible solely due to a lack of human resources or the unavailability of vehicles to transport the goods. Deliveries also tend to come at a vast cost-to-company, accounting for nearly 30-40% of the overall business expenses. So what is the best option for you to pursue under these circumstances? If your delivery radius is within 5-8 km from your base of operations, your best bet would be to use delivery boys with their own two-wheelers. Yes, it’s the same model followed by a host of popular pizza delivery chains too. Its’ fast (given the horrible traffic conditions during peak hours), usually dependable and works out quite reasonable in terms of the cost and fuel expenses. To be successful an online grocery business has to rely heavily on the efficiency of its home delivery system. Confirming an order and then not being in a position to deliver it to the customer on the same day can cause irreparable harm to your online grocery startup – so it’s best to avoid such pitfalls if you can. 5. Start an Online Grocery Website Now that you have all the delivery-related issues under control, we come to another crucial link in learning how to start online grocery business in India. This involves developing and starting a website – which will be the face of your online grocery business. To get this done, you need to first mould your ideas and refine your concepts well enough to fit into a digital format like an online website. Having an efficient and functional website can help you save money on multiple fronts including office rent, power bills and staff salaries. This makes it a win-win situation for both you – the business owner and your potential customer – since you can afford to sell him stuff on lower margins. So do invest some time to think about it and entrust the development of your grocery website to experienced web design and development company only. Make sure you are a part of the entire process right from ideating about the website design, finalising the content to choosing the best e-commerce template for your grocery website. From a customer convenience perspective, besides, being quick to load, easy-to-use and mobile friendly, a smart and efficient grocery website can also emphasise on several extra features. Here are a few examples: The ability to search for products using generic keywords like potatoes, mustard powder, cooking oil, milk etc. Allow customers to filter products on specific parameters like; offers, quantity, brand and expiry dates. List the best-selling products across categories based on past trends. Contain relevant, high-quality content like cooking recipes for example and offer loyalty programs, discount coupons and reward points from time to time. Announce lighting deals and special offers regularly to boost customer retention. If your budget permits it, you can even consider developing a mobile app for both Android and Apple devices. Don't forget to give Rs 100 to Rs 200 for first time customer. Just make sure it has a user-friendly User Interface and is clutter-free – to encourage customers to use it more often. 6. Choose a Method of Payment If you do have a reliable doorstep delivery system in place, the best option for you would be to stick to the COD or Cash on the Delivery system for accepting payments from customers. Your delivery boys can collect the payment for the items they deliver at the time of delivery itself. This will also ensure a hassle-free flow of cash for you from Day One of your business. An added incentive here is that you will not have to wait for the payment as is the case with many online/credit/debit card payment gateways. What’s more, you also get to save on the additional 2.5% deducted by them as transaction fees for facilitating the payment. 7. Make a Marketing Plan While big players in the online grocery business like Big Basket and Amazon have the budgets to afford high profile celebrity campaigns on several media fronts, you don’t have to take the same route. You can opt instead to market your online grocery store using local avenues, which are equally effective like; Putting an advertisement in the local newspaper. Distributing pamphlets. Running a social media campaign. Sending bulk SMS. Putting up hoardings at prominent locations in your locality (if your budget permits). Doing door-to-door visits. Attending society meetings. Also Read: How to Make an Excellent Business Plan The Final Thought Today’s fast-paced lifestyle, tiring commutes and long working hours are among the key factors responsible for making an increasing number of people choose to shop online. Online grocery shopping clearly offers a very convenient option for such customers by saving them both the time and the physical effort needed to shop for groceries. By starting your own online grocery business in India, you can not only offer people in your neighbourhood another convenient online shopping option but also earn a lot of money and become rich in the process.

  • 10 Best Ethical Hacking Courses- Online and Offline

    In this post, you are going to learn about the importance of ethical hacking, career as an ethical hacker and best ethical hacking courses. We have included even free online courses for beginners. Ethical hacking presents a superb career opportunity nowadays. The reason is simple: we’re living in an era where dependence upon the Internet and various online processes is growing exponentially every day. Check activities you’ve done a couple of hours before reading this article. Surely, you’ll have done something online such as checking or sending emails, posting on social media, online shopping, or even a financial transaction. What does This Mean? This increasing dependency on the Internet and various online processes leave a lot of scopes for criminals and terrorists to target your life and you in different forms. For example, a hackers can gain illegal access to your home or office computer and steal personal information for criminal purposes such as identity theft. In fact, identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the USA and worldwide. We’re all aware of cyber-criminals attacking computers with ransom ware and hijacking data, denying legitimate owners any access till they pay up. Then there’re incidences of cyber-terrorism that stem from various countries or terrorist organizations. The bad news is that such cyber-terrorism attacks are on the rise and the number is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Phishing attacks are also showing an increase, with countless such crimes reported during the Covid-19 pandemic rattling the world since late 2019 and early 2020. Cyberattacks against banks and financial institutions are quite common nowadays. There’re numerous instances where details of bank customers, their credit and debit cards as well as account numbers have been sold on the Dark Web. Importance of Ethical Hacking The above scenarios aptly prove dangers that are lurking on the Internet. Cyberterrorists and cybercriminals exploit vulnerabilities of a computer system to launch attacks. And ethical hacking helps individuals, organizations, and governments detect these vulnerabilities and plug loopholes so that cyber terrorists and cybercriminals cannot gain illegal access. However, to know weak areas or vulnerabilities of a computer network or system, ethical hackers also have to copy tactics and techniques of cyber criminals and cyber terrorists. The only difference is that ethical hackers do so to protect you and various organizations. Hence, such hackers are known as “ethical hackers.” And the process is known as “ethical hacking.” In our era, preventing such cyber attacks is of supreme importance. Hence, there exists tremendous scope for careers in ethical hacking. Top 10 Ethical Hacking Courses Therefore, if you wish to make a career in ethical hacking and help make the Internet safer for everyone, take any of these top 10 ethical hacking courses that’re available online as well as offline. There’s no shortage of excellent jobs for ethical hackers with the right qualifications, skills, and experience. So, here’s my list of the 10 best ethical hacking courses you could do online or offline. 1. Certified Ethical Hacker (EC-Council) The topmost course in the world is online and available from EC- Council (EC). This course, known as Certified Ethical Hacker. EC-Council says this course is recognized by every top employer in the world. In fact, the list of organizations that hire ethical hackers with EC- Council qualifications ranks among the top 10 of the global Fortune list. 2. Comprehensive Ethical Hacking Course (IIT-Kanpur) Also on top of my charts is the Comprehensive Ethical Hacking Course conducted by Electronics & ICT Academy at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur. This is a comprehensive online course conducted by IIT faculty itself. Economically priced at Rs.4,237 plus Goods & Services Tax, the course is open to all IT experts and spans 19 hours over three months. It is also available in Hindi language. 3. Certified Security & Ethical Hacking Specialist (Aptech Ltd) Spanning two terms over 13 months, Aptech Certified Security & Ethical Hacking Specialist is an offline, classroom study course. It comes from India’s largest IT training institute, Aptech Ltd. The institute has a global presence. You can request free, online counseling from Aptech faculty. This course has global acceptance. 4. Swayam– Government of India Courses Swayam, the education portal of the Indian government conducts two specialized courses that consist of ethical hacking as topics. One is the Data Mining course and the other, Cyber Security. Additionally, you can also register for occasional courses that specialize only in Ethical Hacking and are conducted by trained faculty from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). 5. Bachelor of Computer Sciences (University of Mumbai) Computer forensics and ethical hacking form two main features of the Bachelor of Computer Sciences, a three-year offline course available at the University of Mumbai. This is a high-demand course since the certification is valid worldwide. You can also opt for the Master course with ethical hacking as specialization, after completing of this course. 6. Various Ethical Hacking Courses (IGNOU) From six-month Certification and Diploma to three year Bachelor degrees in Ethical Hacking, you have a wide selection of Ethical Hacking courses available from India’s largest distant training institution- Indira Gandhi National Open University. These are online ethical hacking course, approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). While the Certificate and Diploma courses are designed for IT experts wanting to learn Ethical Hacking, the degree courses are for computer sciences with emphasis on ethical hacking. 7. Various Ethical Hacking Courses Courses (University of Madras) A Diploma course in computer applications and cybersecurity, Bachelor of Computer Science, and Master in Computer Science are three courses available online from the University of Madras. These courses contain advanced ethical hacking technologies as part of the syllabus. They’re available from the Institute of Distance Education at the university. 8. Certified Ethical Hacker (Indian School of Ethical Hacking) A four-month online course known as Certified Ethical Hacker is available from ISOEH, a private institute in India. This course is valid worldwide. ISOEH has tied-up with EC-Council and top universities in India to provide this course. The course syllabus also corresponds with that of EC-Council. The course consists of 20 modules. The institute is accredited to NASSCOM and other authorities in India. 9. Integrated Master of Computer Science in Information Security (BITS-Pilani) The Integrated Master of Computer Science in Information Security is the most coveted offline course that usually fetches topmost jobs in India and abroad. This is a very tough course to enter since you’ll have to hold a Bachelor's or engineering degree in computer sciences. Furthermore, a stiff, competitive exam is also held by Birla Institute of Technology (BITS- Pilani) for admissions to this course, available from its Hyderabad campus. 10. Various Online Courses (Coursera & Udemy) If you don’t wish to study any of these specialized ethical hacking courses, look for free and paid short courses on two Learning Management Systems- and Both have countless online ethical hacking courses. A few basic ones are free ethical hacking courses and will provide some information and very basic skills on ethical hacking. Or look for paid ones that suit your requirement and are created by master trainers from topmost universities and IT companies. In Conclusion Ethical hacking is a fast-growing, high-demand skill in India. As a result, salaries are also very high. According to, an ethical hacker in India earns between Rs.125,000 to Rs.3 million per year, depending upon qualifications, skills, and experience. It’s worth remembering that only Certified Ethical Hackers from topmost educational institutions only enjoy such high pay scales. Others from countless private institutions can’t expect these salaries. Therefore, be careful while choosing an ethical hacking course.

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